The Party Wall etc Act 1996 is a law that provides homeowners and Developers, within England and Wales, certain rights and responsibilities when carrying out works to party walls, floors and ceilings in flats, boundary lines, and excavations close to neighbouring buildings.


The party intending to carry out these works are referred as the Building Owner under the terms of the Act, and it is their obligation to serve Notice for the relevant works on to the owner of the neighbouring property (Adjoining Owner). When an Adjoining Owner dissents to a notice, the two owners have to either agree the appointment of a Surveyor, or each appoint a Surveyor, to resolve the matters in dispute.

We work with developers (Building Owners) and their design teams from an early stage in projects to minimise the potential for disputes to arise, and advise of strategy to where they do, we ensure we have a strategy in place to resolve them quickly.

We also work with Adjoining Owners to ensure the works undertaken cause the least disruption and are completed to a good standard of design and workmanship.

Our services include:

  • Schedules of Condition.

  • Party Wall Awards. 

  • Scaffold Licences.

  • Crane Oversail Licences.

  • Boundary Wall Disputes.